Platinized Titanium Anodes

Platinum is a precious metal, having very good physical and chemical properties, such as high corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and catalytic nature.

As it is very expensive, platinum cannot be used in its solid form as an anode. So that Platinized Metal Anodes (Pt Anode) are produced by electroplating platinum (Pt) on a specially treated precious metal (Titanium / Niobium / Tantalum / Zirconium) substrate by means of electrodeposition process.  Electroplated metal anodes are economical as well as it retains the superior physical and chemical properties of platinum.

Our Platinized titanium anodes performance
▪ Base material: titanium Gr1, Gr2 plate, rod, wire, tubular, mesh
▪ Coating noble metal: Pt 
▪ Platinum layer thickness is from 0.5 micron to 25 micron.
▪ Maximal sizes of expanded mesh and plate:  1250mm x 1000mm square.
▪ Working Electric Current Range: <10000A/m2
▪ Temperature Range: <80°C
▪ Fluorine Ion Content :< 50mg/l
▪ PH: 1-12

▪ High antiseptic property
▪ High current efficiency.
▪ Lasting working life.
▪ Base material can be recycling when electrodes lose activity.
▪ High electric current density and high productivity.
▪ Lightweight electrodes.

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